Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Evolution & Geocentricity .. a War !

Modern so-called scientists believe in Evolution not that Allah created the universe , so they cann't accept the Geocentric fact!.. Why? .. because if the stars and all the planets orbit Earth and Earth is the center of the universe so the whole universe was created for the intelligent creature that lives on Earth .. Man. They refuse to accept that , they say Earth is a minor planet in the corner of the universe .. a not-that-important planet. and that belief leads to the idea of life on other planets of course! .. They say that as life developed on the planet earth then it may - and very possibly - have developed on one of the other billions.
So the idea of geocentric universe gives too much importance to Earth and Man .. and NASA does not want that.

They believe in Evolution : a substitute for Creation and a creator god.
They believe in Planetary Gravity : a substitute for Allah as He holds the Sun and planets not letting them fall on us.
They believe in Heliocentricity : a substitute for an Earth in the Center of the World (= the known Universe)
They believe in Extraterrestrials (ETs) : a substitute for Man as the center of the universe.

It is very interesting that most of the believers in Evolution are also believers of Non-Geocentric Universe and a Big Bang theory ! .. 
because the core of these false theories is : Not believing in a creator god.
We ask them : what "banged" in the first place ?! .. and where did it come from? .. who created it originally ?!
We ask them : who made Life out of Dead Matter ?! .. and if it was a "fluke" like some of you say , why can't you re-produce it with all your science and Technology ?! .. Why can't you make Something out of Nothing ?!
And the answer is : Silence .....

Allahu Akbar (Allah is the Greatest)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fatwa Ibn Uthaymeen

( فتوى الشيخ العثيمين )
In the West there are two Theories .. Geocentricity and Heliocentricity , and till This Day Geocentricity has followers and believers.

So If the literal meaning of Qur'an and Sunnah is telling Muslims that Sun orbits Earth , why would we follow a "theory" and abandon the other ?!
Here is a Fatwa of Sheikh : Ibn Uthaymeen the famous Muslim Saudi Scholar telling us that Sun orbits the Earth..

A woman asked the Shaikh about a verse in Qur'an and if it affirms that Earth is rotating because the mountains in the verse are described as moving ..

027.088 Thou seest the mountains and thinkest them firmly fixed: but they shall pass away as the clouds pass away: (such is) the artistry of Allah, who disposes of all things in perfect order: for he is well acquainted with all that ye do.
Al-Qur'an, 027.088 (An-Naml [The Ant, The Ants])

and the sheikh said that this verse is about doomsday يوم القيامة when everything is destroyed as preparation for the afterlife. so it doesnot mean that earth is moving.
Then he started to talk about the Earth in Qur'an and said that the notion that earth rotates and sun is fixed is wrong and void, and that Qur'an says ..

036.038 And the sun runs his course for a period determined for him: that is the decree of (Him), the Exalted in Might, the All-Knowing.
Al-Qur'an, 036.038 (Ya-Seen [Ya-Seen])

So the Sun runs .. and Qur'an attributed four actions to the sun in a verse , so why would we say that this actions are really Earth's actions and it rotates ?

018.017 Thou wouldst have seen the sun, when it rose, declining to the right from their Cave, and when it set, turning away from them to the left, while they lay in the open space in the midst of the Cave. Such are among the Signs of Allah: He whom Allah guides is rightly guided; but he whom Allah leaves to stray,- for him wilt thou find no protector to lead him to the Right Way.
Al-Qur'an, 018.017 (Al-Kahf [The Cave])

Then he talk about a Hadith of the prophet :
The Prophet asked a companion at Sunset, "Do you know where the Sun goes (at the time of Sunset)?".. and that is evidence that the Sun "goes" not that earth rotates away from the sun.

So .. Here is the Fatwa in plain English for he who wants to learn the opinion of a famous Muslim scholar on the subject.
There are other similar Fatwas like this from other scholars which we will speak about later.

Al-Salamu Alikum
السلام عليكم
peace be with you

Friday, May 14, 2010

Nothing special about Earth ? .. I think NOT !

lots of times in the Quran Earth is mentioned with the skies.. That is because they are like each other .. stationary.
On Earth there is the House of Allah .. Al-Ka'ba , and in the skies is another house called البيت المعمور al-bait al-ma'mour..

Hadeeth tells us that if it falls it will fall on the ka'ba. How is that possible if the Earth rotates and orbits and travels in space with 30km/s speed ?!!

Earth is special. Life is on earth not moon or mars , man is on Earth , all prophets were on Earth , millions of life forms live on our earth..Allah created us for earth although we started on Heaven - Adam and Eve - and He created us to worship him and obey his orders while we live on Earth as a test before the afterlife and Hell or Heaven.

Earth is not a planet .. no where in quran Earth is referred to as a planet.. planets are moving objects rotate Earth and protect the skies from devils who try to listen to angels talking. planets & Stars are ZENA (beauty) in the skies :

037.006 We have indeed decked the lower heaven with beauty (in) the stars,-
037.007 (For beauty) and for guard against all obstinate rebellious evil spirits,
037.008 (So) they should not strain their ears in the direction of the Exalted Assembly but be cast away from every side,
037.009 Repulsed, for they are under a perpetual penalty,
037.010 Except such as snatch away something by stealth, and they are pursued by a flaming fire, of piercing brightness.
Al-Qur'an, 037.006-010 (As-Saaffat [Those who set the Ranks, Drawn Up in Ranks])

Man is the center of the universe , Earth is , not an unknown galaxy or a black hole like some scientists say.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Who said Earth orbits the Sun .. KABBALA did !

KABBALAH is a religion inside the Jewish religion. secrets and magic numbers plus sacrifices and human blood, Golems (not the lord of the rings creature!!) are made with magic from clay and Rabbis make them move and walk!! .. all that in secret Jewish Kabbala.
Also in it is the belief that God is "sorry" for what he did to the Jews.

In it is the belief that the Sun is the center of the universe - Sun is too important to the kabbalistic  scholars -, the universe is billions of years in development not six days like in Qur'an and Bible.

When Kabbalah says something that is the foundation of modern fake "science" then that means one thing and one thing only.. It Is a Conspiracy.
In paintings & movies,
God usually is depicted as the Sun
Kabbalah : Blessing of the Sun
A rare cosmic event will take place on Passover Eve this year. In Jewish tradition, it is known as Birkat Hachama (the blessing of the sun). This event occurs only once every 28 years, when the sun is in precisely the same position as it was at the time of its creation, on the fourth day of the creation of the Universe. According to precise astronomical calculations, this year it will take place at sunrise on Passover Eve (April 8, 2009).  
The Kabbalah teachings explain the spiritual significance of Birkat Hachama. According to Kabbalah, this is a special time for connecting to the spiritual significance of solar energy.
This year begins the 207th cycle of Birkat Hachama. In gematria, 207 is the numerical equivalent of the Hebrew words Raz (secret) and Or (light). In the current solar cycle, for the next 28 years, we will be able to illuminate our lives and the world in a special manner, with the light of consciousness and spirituality, by studying the secrets of Kabbalah.

The Univers is NOT That Huge !

Why do "NASA and its scientists" insist that the Universe isn't what Islam says ?!!
The HADITH (Prophet Muhammad's Sayings) said that the distance between Earth and the First Heaven (FIRMAMENT) is 500 years.. not light years but in that age's way of measuring and Traveling .. Walking and riding Camels.
"Now" it is said that billions and billions of miles separate us from the Stars.. Then it is said that there is no end to the Universe, although it is known in Islam that there are such things  as Heavens السماوات, The Throne of ALLAH and "The ultimate Ceiling of the worlds: Sedrat Al-Muntaha سدرة المنتهى  in Arabic"..
Those new beliefs made man unaware of his IMPORTANCE. They told us we are just specks of dust .. Nothing.
That lead to Man behaving as if there is no meaning in Life.. as if he is nothing that maters.
Atheists love this line of thinking.. we shouldn't.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

The Shape of Things..

In Qura'n the shape of the universe is beautiful. In the center stands a blue Earth and rotating it are the moon, the sun , the

planets and the stars. Above all that are seven planes of the skies, standing right there without pillars : a miracle of Allah.

071.015 "'See ye not how Allah has created the seven heavens one above another,
071.016 "'And made the moon a light in their midst, and made the sun as a (Glorious) Lamp?
Al-Qur'an, 071.015-016 (Nooh [Noah])

035.041 It is Allah Who sustains the heavens and the earth, lest they cease (to function): and if they should fail, there is none -

not one - can sustain them thereafter: Verily He is Most Forbearing, Oft-Forgiving.
Al-Qur'an, 035.041 (Fatir [The Angels, Originator])

So these heavenly objects are serving man on Earth, there are no aliens or ETs as Hollywood says. we are important and we forget that sometimes. Being Human , alive , rational are gifts. When all ends on earth the universe will not just keep going. Allah will remake us and we will be judjed : to Hell or Heaven.

Do not Think for a moment that you are insignificant atom in a massive universe. Believe me : YOU MATTER !

How did we lose?

If we went back in time and asked any Muslim scholar about the Earth and the theory that is moves (orbits) very fast in space he would certainly think there is something wrong with us.. and that means that the SALAF (ancient Muslims) had no doubt about the case.
But after the colonial times , when the west invaded the Muslim and Arab countries , there was a shift of beliefs. A new faith in the renaissance's belief system about the universe. Why did that happened.
The answer is simple. We were conquered, defeated and weak. The victor dictated his orders and a lot of us accepted it .. just like that.
Till now we are under the influence of the western education and scientific principles.
We watch them as if they were something else, a bloodline of inventors and scientists. We lost faith in our power. We forgot that we have THE Qura'n in our hands.. all the science in the world and all the guidelines we need to rebuild our Islamic Civilization .

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Earth is important

Scientists now say that Earth is a planet .. Insignificant Rock in space .. the Sun is a Star .. There are billions like it (and even bigger) .. They say that what happens on Earth is not important to the universe. That is not True!

Earth in Qur'an is just that .. Earth. Not a planet like other planets.
It is not the third rock from the Sun, but the Centre of the Universe.
It doesn't orbit anything .. everything orbits it.
She sun is not a star .. it is an important object to humans and there is NOTHING like it in space.
Other stars are much smaller objects. There is a verse in Qur'an that appears to list the heavenly objects
in order of size which we will view later. (Hajj 18)
Humans are important.. Angels and Jinns observe humans and affect their lives. Allah's chair
trembled for the death of one Muslim! we ARE significant.
The belief that earth is not the centre of the universe is designed to convince people of their
"Insignificant Existence". In the Jewish Kabbala (The Zohar זֹהַר‎‎ Radiance) we find that the Sun is too important and it is the centre of the universe.
Why does NASA believe in that Jewish tradition?.. I wonder.

Monday, May 03, 2010

What does Geocentricity mean ?

So-called scientists say that we live in a huge universe, earth is nothing in comarision to the sun and the galaxy. they say that the earth rotates the sun which rotates the center of the galaxy which rotates .. something!. a geocentric person says that is not true.
we see the sun orbits us everyday and the same about the moon. the sun is not bigger than earth, the sun is not a star or a sphere.. all that is explained in quran and hadeeths.
Together we will see the different view on this topic and begin to believe a bit by bit. although if you are a real muslim you will not need much convincing when you learn the verses of quran about the subject.

this is a link to the book story of creation in arabic.. download it

Story of Creation .. a book

Before learning about fatwas of shaikhs Othaymeen and Ibn Baz , and before knowing that the rotating sun is the Aqeeda (belief) of Muslim scholars for centuries, I read a book that opened my eyes and - thank Allah - made me a skeptic of the mainstream belief about Earth, sun , and planets.
The book was called "Story of Creation" by Eid Wardani. I knew afterwards that he lives near me in Alexandria (Egypt) and that he is a lawyer. First I saw an ad in the paper about a book that says ( Earth is fixed and Qur'an says that in plain words). My dad bought the book and I read it once then bits and pieces again. My world was changing.. my faith became somehow stronger.. this was not a conspiracy theory but a complete book (600 pages) making a good point in strong clear words. I loved it

It became clear after that that not everyone is ready to see the truth. I talked to people and they could not refuse the facts that Qur'an and Hadeeth said ( Earth is fixed in the center of the universe ) but I saw in their eyes a disbelief. it is sad that years of false education could be stronger in their hearts than the word of Allah.

Years after that reading I became sure of the geocentricity approach and here I am spreading the word.

Geocentricity and Islam: introduction

Al-Salamu Alikum (The Islamic Greeting)

As a Muslim I should know that the Earth is the center of the universe, but - just like many Muslims - that was not clear to me until I had a revelation.. kinda !
As we go through this blog we will know evidences and see proofs , but for a start we should agree on something , if the Qur'an said that the world is geocentric and we became sure of this then we will not argue the point!.. being a Muslim means to surrender to the words of Allah even when some people say it is lunacy and lies!
IMAN -  Faith - means that the second we reach the point where we learn that the Rasul (Prophet) Muhammad believed in a fixed earth WE WILL BELIEVE THAT TOO.

That been said , remember that scientifically the two theories are probable. there is no disproof of the Geocentric "theory" yet!.. and there will not be.

The truth will out , it is after all .. "OUT THERE" :)