Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Evolution & Geocentricity .. a War !

Modern so-called scientists believe in Evolution not that Allah created the universe , so they cann't accept the Geocentric fact!.. Why? .. because if the stars and all the planets orbit Earth and Earth is the center of the universe so the whole universe was created for the intelligent creature that lives on Earth .. Man. They refuse to accept that , they say Earth is a minor planet in the corner of the universe .. a not-that-important planet. and that belief leads to the idea of life on other planets of course! .. They say that as life developed on the planet earth then it may - and very possibly - have developed on one of the other billions.
So the idea of geocentric universe gives too much importance to Earth and Man .. and NASA does not want that.

They believe in Evolution : a substitute for Creation and a creator god.
They believe in Planetary Gravity : a substitute for Allah as He holds the Sun and planets not letting them fall on us.
They believe in Heliocentricity : a substitute for an Earth in the Center of the World (= the known Universe)
They believe in Extraterrestrials (ETs) : a substitute for Man as the center of the universe.

It is very interesting that most of the believers in Evolution are also believers of Non-Geocentric Universe and a Big Bang theory ! .. 
because the core of these false theories is : Not believing in a creator god.
We ask them : what "banged" in the first place ?! .. and where did it come from? .. who created it originally ?!
We ask them : who made Life out of Dead Matter ?! .. and if it was a "fluke" like some of you say , why can't you re-produce it with all your science and Technology ?! .. Why can't you make Something out of Nothing ?!
And the answer is : Silence .....

Allahu Akbar (Allah is the Greatest)


  1. You're a loony. You are arguing against established, proven, testable scientific facts because they disagree with your book of myths? Sad. It's very sad to realize that the Islamic world was once the leader in the sciences, and that it was Islamic scholars who saved so much knowledge while Europe crashed into the Dark Ages. Now, the faith seems to be overwhelmed by morons determined to drag us back to those dark times.

    If you reject Western science, get off the internet.

  2. The level of pure unadulterated stupid in this article is totally mind-boggling.

  3. Don't insult a person's religion. That's the kind of thing that keeps getting everybody pissed off and starting conflicts with eachother.

    There will always be people that refuse to accept a worldview. You reject Salama's, and he rejects yours. Let it be. Simply attacking him this way doesn't resolve the conflict.
    While the scientific fact is undeniably there (and I believe that to be the truth, I do not follow any god), there will always be people to deny it. This is not limited to the Muslim world - there are plenty Christians saying the exact same thing as Mr Salama. It is always a constant factor that there are people who believe in their god above all else, and that's something we simply have to accept. Don't attack people for that, especially like this, which seems to me to be simply an excuse to attack Islamic beliefs in general rather than disagree with this particular worldview. Get it straight first, you should probably have a look at yourself about ideas and beliefs first.

  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nB2SXLYwKkM

    The Faucault Pendulum is a nice proof of geocentricity since you can just watch it and see it with your own eyes.

    By the way,evolution is a branch of biology. Geocentricity is a branch of physics. Trying to argue down both at the same time is like trying to talk in two languages at once. That's pretty bad form.

  5. My good sir.
    Please give us some evidence.
    Discrediting scientists isn't evidence.
    And what makes you so sure that Allah exists? Why not Illmarinen, Thor, Baal or the Flying Spaghetti Monster?

    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

  6. people !
    cursing and calling names is a sign !
    the result to your system of beliefs is clear in your style.
    We muslims do not act like that!
    please be scientific as you claim to be.
    remember the 4 obvious experiments !!

    I am a muslim who talks mainly to muslims who don't know these fatwas ! .. if you are a non-muslim then maybe tou will find the experiments helpful but i can't convince you using verses of quran you don't believe :)

    please use clean language !

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  8. I think maybe you are correct. Insyallah we cannot rule out the possibility that what we've been fed all the while could be false as it comes from atheistic science.

  9. Come on man, you're ruining the image of muslims everywhere. Haven't you studied history? It was the muslims who made all the scientific advancements. It was the muslim scientists who proposed the idea that the Earth was spherical, as well as the heavenly bodies are in orbit

    It's even in the Quran
    "By heaven furnished with paths;" (Surat adh-Dhariyat, 7)

    The Arabic word "alhubuki," translated as "furnished with paths" in verse 7 of Surat adh-Dhariyat, comes from the verb "hubeke," meaning "to weave closely, to knit, to bind together." The use of this word in the verse is particularly wise and represents the current state of scientific knowledge in two aspects

    There are a lot of scientific facts in the Quran. By rejecting these things you rejected the Quran, therefore you rejected Islam. Your nonsense here have been ridiculed by a lot of people on the internet, and ultimately, they ridiculed muslims.

    As a fellow muslim, I'm sad there are people like you out there

  10. More on our geocentric universe here: