Monday, May 03, 2010

Geocentricity and Islam: introduction

Al-Salamu Alikum (The Islamic Greeting)

As a Muslim I should know that the Earth is the center of the universe, but - just like many Muslims - that was not clear to me until I had a revelation.. kinda !
As we go through this blog we will know evidences and see proofs , but for a start we should agree on something , if the Qur'an said that the world is geocentric and we became sure of this then we will not argue the point!.. being a Muslim means to surrender to the words of Allah even when some people say it is lunacy and lies!
IMAN -  Faith - means that the second we reach the point where we learn that the Rasul (Prophet) Muhammad believed in a fixed earth WE WILL BELIEVE THAT TOO.

That been said , remember that scientifically the two theories are probable. there is no disproof of the Geocentric "theory" yet!.. and there will not be.

The truth will out , it is after all .. "OUT THERE" :)



  1. that's why they call islam a retarded religion. see foucault pendulum
    If the earth was stationary, then the nearest star would travel thousands of times the speed of light to complete one cycle in a day. Can you the speed of the stars at one of the ends of the milky way? It doesn't make any sense. Put religion away if you want to talk about science next time.

  2. 1- Who are "they' ?!
    2- maybe you should read first before criticizing ?
    3- are these 60 mil Americans following Islam too ? :)
    4- oh .. you believe in the "astronomical" distances of the stars?!