Monday, May 03, 2010

Story of Creation .. a book

Before learning about fatwas of shaikhs Othaymeen and Ibn Baz , and before knowing that the rotating sun is the Aqeeda (belief) of Muslim scholars for centuries, I read a book that opened my eyes and - thank Allah - made me a skeptic of the mainstream belief about Earth, sun , and planets.
The book was called "Story of Creation" by Eid Wardani. I knew afterwards that he lives near me in Alexandria (Egypt) and that he is a lawyer. First I saw an ad in the paper about a book that says ( Earth is fixed and Qur'an says that in plain words). My dad bought the book and I read it once then bits and pieces again. My world was changing.. my faith became somehow stronger.. this was not a conspiracy theory but a complete book (600 pages) making a good point in strong clear words. I loved it

It became clear after that that not everyone is ready to see the truth. I talked to people and they could not refuse the facts that Qur'an and Hadeeth said ( Earth is fixed in the center of the universe ) but I saw in their eyes a disbelief. it is sad that years of false education could be stronger in their hearts than the word of Allah.

Years after that reading I became sure of the geocentricity approach and here I am spreading the word.

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