Sunday, May 09, 2010

The Univers is NOT That Huge !

Why do "NASA and its scientists" insist that the Universe isn't what Islam says ?!!
The HADITH (Prophet Muhammad's Sayings) said that the distance between Earth and the First Heaven (FIRMAMENT) is 500 years.. not light years but in that age's way of measuring and Traveling .. Walking and riding Camels.
"Now" it is said that billions and billions of miles separate us from the Stars.. Then it is said that there is no end to the Universe, although it is known in Islam that there are such things  as Heavens السماوات, The Throne of ALLAH and "The ultimate Ceiling of the worlds: Sedrat Al-Muntaha سدرة المنتهى  in Arabic"..
Those new beliefs made man unaware of his IMPORTANCE. They told us we are just specks of dust .. Nothing.
That lead to Man behaving as if there is no meaning in Life.. as if he is nothing that maters.
Atheists love this line of thinking.. we shouldn't.


  1. According to all the sources I could find, a good average distance for a camel is 30 miles a day.

    10957.5 miles a year.

    In 500 years, 5,478,750 miles.

    Care for a list of the probes that have traveled much farther than that, and returned the pictures and data to prove it?

  2. Dear Geocentric islam,

    You are making yourselves look extremely foolish. You should simply stop posting this kind of nonsense...unless it is your desire to look like a pack of slobbering idiots.

  3. "Pictures and Data" ?!!
    Excuse me for not surrendering my Mind to NASA's "Hollywood Color Pics" and their "Artist's Vision" of a Scientology-like Universe !
    P.S : Those "so-called astronomical Distances" weren't in a "Straight Line" :)