Monday, May 03, 2010

What does Geocentricity mean ?

So-called scientists say that we live in a huge universe, earth is nothing in comarision to the sun and the galaxy. they say that the earth rotates the sun which rotates the center of the galaxy which rotates .. something!. a geocentric person says that is not true.
we see the sun orbits us everyday and the same about the moon. the sun is not bigger than earth, the sun is not a star or a sphere.. all that is explained in quran and hadeeths.
Together we will see the different view on this topic and begin to believe a bit by bit. although if you are a real muslim you will not need much convincing when you learn the verses of quran about the subject.

this is a link to the book story of creation in arabic.. download it

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  1. Hey here a hint we know where not the fucking center of the universe and we are not the center of the solar system. if we where the earth's gravity would be to strong for any life to form. The size of the sun is diameter of about 1,392,000 kilometers (865,000 mi)109 times that of Earth and the mass of the sun is 330,000 times that of Earth.

    So ya i bet you don't care cause if its not in the Koran its not true well guess what its a fucking book of myths written by people that didn't know what the sun was or stars are or what a planet is and never new what gravity is.they made up shit to try to understand the world but there wrong because there is no evidence to support your claims infact we have evidence to support the opposite of your claims we have evidence that the earth orbits the sun we have evidence that then sun orbits the milky way and no the milky way is not orbiting anything its flying through space away from the other galaxies.

    Those "so-called scientists" use evidence to form there beliefs not myths (holy bible=myths, Koran=myths)

    Also the earth and the universe i not fucking 6000 thousand years old its 4.54 billions years old (Earth) and 13.4 billion years old (universe) . If it was 6000 thousand years old the sun (the sun is the first to form then the rest the the gasses and dust forms the planets) would be to dark (its energy output increase 10% every 1 billion years) and the earth would still be fucking molten it would take a few hundred million years to cool off.

    So guess what Geocentrism is false because we have evidence of the opposite the Koran is just a book of myths because it has no evidence supporting.