Monday, June 07, 2010

Forums ..

I like internet boards and forums!.. It is a way to express yourself and say what you "can't usually say in public" to like-minded persons.
I also hate forums !.. It could be a tool to censor people and shut down their topics if you do not like what they say.
I started a Geocentricity topic on (famous Arabic forum) and after many successful replies they closed it .. I opened a new one and .. they closed it as well !
I went to English forum: and the same thing happened !
Some Muslims don't want to hear the truth .. Some fear the Change.
The good thing I gain from forums is that other opinions rise and more questions are asked.
For example: I knew that some people can't see the "Earth is the center" fact because they wonder where the seasons come from and the change of temperature !!
The answer simply is the "Spiral orbit of the Sun"..  6 months revolves around the North half of Earth and 6 months around the Southern half
That is why there is a six months day in the North and South pole!
This kind of Brain Storming always helps, so I won't give up on Forums just yet :)
{EDIT: For some reason, this page gets a lot of Traffic !! Although its main point is NOT "Geocentric Islam" .. Weird :) }


  1. bro, jazaka'allah for d in4. a friend of mine quoted me a verse from the Quran and i was curious. then i stumbled upon ur page. i agree dat some of us wouldnt wan to accept the truth or are afraid of it. but wat matters is dat we have to reveal the true message. if u have facebook, plse add me,

  2. هل سمعت عن بندول فوكوه -لأ مش شتومة ديه- يا أبا فالحوص؟

  3. Foucault's pendulum "proves" that there is a motion, a rotation around the Earth!.. It is the rotation of the Stars and other celestial bodies daily around a fixed center which is the Earth.

    بندول الفرنسي فوكو يظهر لنا وجود حركة في الكون فعلا .. حركة الأجسام السماوية من نجوم وكواكب حول الأرض
    التي هي ثابتة في المركز
    فللأفلاك حركة حول الأرض كما هو موضح في أجزاء أخرى من المدونة ويظهر ذلك بالعين المجردة لأي مراقب للسماء

  4. And of course the Foucault Pendulum itself proves the rotation of stars around the Earth !
    During Eclipses the pendulum behaves in a weird way and changes its angle!.. that is known as : Allais effect
    وبالطبع هناك التجارب المعروفة المقامة وقت الكسوف حيث تتغير زاوية حركة البندول مما يثبت تأثره بأجرام سماوية وينفي بالتالي قصة أنه يتأثر بالدوران المزعوم للأرض