Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Foucault Pendulum Eclipsed by Allais Effect !

For some time, the Deceived crowds and the Deceiving false "scientists" tried to argue against the Geocentric truth using a .. pendulum.
Foucault Pendulum moves in a way that shows a movement in the Universe.. a clockwork motion.
"WHAT is moving?" you may wonder.
They say : Earth is.
Well, That was answered by Truth Seekers saying:
No, It is The Celestial Bodies, Planets & Stars we clearly see rotating our Earth.

Then someone observed something odd.
He was a Noble Prize Winner called Maurice Allais and he saw the pendulum during an Eclipse !
The Pendulum's movement was affected by what was happening "Up There"..
The Angle changed radically.
It had nothing to do with a "Rotating Earth" after all.
As usual, NASA is stalling.. after every experiment proving the Allais Effect they say : "Just one more time, please!.. wait for another eclipse to do it again and see"
a Do-over.. then another..
And another !!
The guy died at the age of 99 and they are still refusing to admit..
Maybe the Next time?
Let's hope brothers.. Let's hope!!


  1. this is to hard 4 me 2 follow

  2. Assalamou Alaikom :
    Brother I wanted to tell you that the Koran is the god's book that wasn't manipulated on earth from satan and his soldiers..anyway, I was such stupid a time ago like the majority of hundreds of millions that they believe in god but they believe that earth is a sphere , because the NASA had said..this normaly means that we don't believe that this book is from god or god is saying the truth and automatically we are not Muslims..this is the bitter truth that no one knows..the satan knew how to play ,when he convicted us through NASA and T.V that the man is on the moon and they learnt us that the earth is sphere from school to university..But ,through my investigation I discovered that what we read,watch, know was all faked and satanic plan and all what is in Koran is the truth..I heard Matt boylan the ex painter of NASA who drew the earth sphere and the planetes to laugh at us and I knew the the moon landing was just hoax and a stupid Hollywood film and all this to prouve that the sun is the center or the god like their worship or the heliocentrism ..I returned to Koran and knew that the earth is fix inside water and fixed with pillar has a cube form if we think a little and we connect to it center KAABA !!! the best proof is the U.N flag is a flat earth like the flag earth society!!! They a astrayed Millards from believers and non believers..I knew after that that satellite is a hoax too and still we use just sky wave through inosphere to propagate signals!!!nuclear bomb is a hoax too and they used stupid video simulation and...hope god ll forgive my stupidity..Assalamou alaikom

  3. This is ignoring the fact that the fucking pendulum is still moving! The effect hasn't always been observed, which is why we repeat it, science goes by peer review, not by one observation. An eclipse is just a body passing into the shadow of another body. This wouldn't tell us jack shit about what revolves around what.

  4. There is absolutely no evidence here whatsoever which refutes a rotating Earth. You have to jump very far indeed to reach this conclusion. Hope your god can catch you when you fall.

    1. Peer review? That is the biggest joke going. That is like using Wikipedia to prove the Holocaust. Peer review, like Wikipedia, just backs up the liars.