Monday, December 20, 2010

Cosmology : Illusions & Magic Tricks ?!

So-called "Scientists" - Both Deceivers & Deceived - are daily feeding our brains with "astronomical" amounts of Illusions and Visual tricks !!
They are so much like Stage Magicians .. Not the cheap kind though :)
Pharaoh had the same system. People were controlled intellectually by Sorcerers to establish his authority. He used them to cover the truth with which the messenger of Allah, Moses (Peace Be Upon Him) came.
Obviously, that didn't work eventually :)
Here are some of the "Facts" they try to convince us with. Their goal is to establish a global belief that we live in a Wonderland ..
Every thing is an illusion or a visual trick .. some kind of a Dreamworld or Disney Land .. all this garbage is poured on us while "THEY" Run the Real World all by themselves !! .. (have to admit : Evil but Genius nonetheless)

# Earth falls towards everything that falls on it !! .. when a drop of water drips; you fall down suddenly; someone on another continent jumps up and down; or a boy drops a coin on earth in Kula Lampur .. Earth "Falls toward" ALL of them at the same time !! .. Who would think of something Crazy like that?, well , Newton of course and his laws of Gravity :)

# When you look at the Sun rising in the morning, do not think that it is really there!! .. sun left this position 8 minutes ago and you watch an Illusion !! .. Also, when you wait patiently for the Sun to rise, it is already there but you can't see it because it is VERY FAR AWAY (150 million kilometers) !! ..

# These are not real Stars you think you see in the sky, some of them are already dead and gone millions of years ago !!

# Those Planets & Stars you can easily see rotating Earth, are NOT. Just an Illusion.. a Trick. In reality, you are living your life on a merry-go-round (Carousel) called Earth !!

wow.. and they say all that with straight faces :)

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Stationary Satellites & Rotating Stars.. In Full Colors

NASA had an online application that shows the hundreds of Satellites parked in space stationary in a big circle.
It was called "J-Track 3-D". It is now just a dead link on NASA's website !!
"J-Track 3-D : a plot in 3-dimensions showing the position of over 900 satellites"

Internet Archive has the original page & Google Images cached some of its pictures..

Nice pictures of the Stellar Sphere rotating Earth daily. You can take a picture like this using a simple camera that shoots every 40 minutes or something.