Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Einstein's Wrong Physics

News of Science This Week ..

Cosmology, the very way we think of space, would be forever altered. The distance to the stars and galaxies and the age of the universe (13.7 billion years) would be thrown in doubt. Even the expanding universe theory, the Big Bang theory, and black holes would have to be re-examined.

Physicists fired a beam of neutrinos (exotic, ghost-like particles that can penetrate even the densest of materials) from Switzerland to Italy, over a distance of 454 miles. Much to their amazement, after analyzing 15,000 neutrinos, they found that they traveled faster than the speed of light—one 60-billionth of a second faster, to be precise. In a billionth of a second, a beam of light travels about one foot. So a difference of 60 feet was quite astonishing.

Cracking the light barrier violated the core of Einstein's theory. (MICHIO KAKU, a professor of theoretical physics at City College of New York)

(Has a Speeding Neutrino Really Overturned Einstein?) The Wall Street Journal
(Should Einstein be worried?) CBS News
(Documentation of the Experiment)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pictures of The Geocentric Universe

Software Snapshot "Geocentric Universe Version 3.0"


Article by late Dr. Adel El Eshari about the reasons behind the false belief in "Earth's Rotation"in the modern Muslim world (in Arabic)

Some scientific papers on Geocentricity  :

Stellar distances and Olbers' Paradox   The History of Big Bangism’s Triumph :A Comedy of Errors

Friday, June 24, 2011

True Story from America

Jodi sent me her experience regarding Islam & Geocentricity in America :

May Allah bless you.

I was raised Catholic but became kind of Agnostic. I believed in Jesus, just that he was not God Almighty. I knew nothing about Islam because in America we are brainwashed to never look into Islam as it is deemed a religion of terrorists.

I studied science for most of my life. Two years ago Allah guided me to the truth about the Geocentric universe. I did not realize the Qur'an contained this information (as well as the truth about Jesus). The moment I found out I fell to my knees in prostration as I knew it was the absolute truth and divine guidance from God.

Most Muslims believe in Satan's creation (the lie of the heliocentric universe). Sadly, this is how most will be in error. :(

The full conversation

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Some Links & Stuff

"NASA and the Department of Defense Launch Satellites into space based on FIXED EARTH Calculations"

"Is Geocentrism Possible? by Mark Wyatt"

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Personal Message

I Know .. I haven't been Posting Lately..
The Reason is : I'm an "Egyptian" Muslim
Egypt had a Revolution. The "president" - aka Dictator - is no more :)
We are Rebuilding .. Both the Way of Thinking & the Country itself.
New "Secular" Enemies started to spread their Poisons. So, a "War of Words and Thoughts" should be fought.
It is a new era .. a New Hope :)  
I Will Be Back
- إن شاء الله -

P.S :  Excuse the Star Wars & Terminator references !!

Saturday, January 15, 2011


A Tip for the "Rotating-Orbiting Earth" believers' Club : Please DO some Honest Research or Experiments before Swallowing what you are being Fed as FACTs !! ..
Thank You in advance :)
And as an encouragement, Here are Some Real Facts :

# Sun Outage .. Your TV Signal becomes Weak on certain Dates. Do you know WHY?

(Whenever the Sun passes behind the satellite and comes within the beams of the receiver antennas, the increase in the signal's noise becomes so severe that a signal outage usually results)

Satellites' Sun-Outage proves that the Sun Orbits the Earth.     -Sun Outage Calculator (Dates & Periods)-
# Sir George Biddell Airy (British Astronomer Royal) .. Unintentionally Uncovered the Myth !!
Airy's "Simple but Definitive" Experiment Proved that Earth is Stationary & doesn't "Travel in Space" like Some want us to believe.
# Why just "Take it on Faith", when you can Actually see it ?
You Can watch the "Astro-Sphere Rotation" for yourself using this famous "Heliocentric" free software !!
Screen Capture of Polaris "the Northern Star" while the Astro-Sphere rotates, inlaid with all the Stars