Saturday, January 15, 2011


A Tip for the "Rotating-Orbiting Earth" believers' Club : Please DO some Honest Research or Experiments before Swallowing what you are being Fed as FACTs !! ..
Thank You in advance :)
And as an encouragement, Here are Some Real Facts :

# Sun Outage .. Your TV Signal becomes Weak on certain Dates. Do you know WHY?

(Whenever the Sun passes behind the satellite and comes within the beams of the receiver antennas, the increase in the signal's noise becomes so severe that a signal outage usually results)

Satellites' Sun-Outage proves that the Sun Orbits the Earth.     -Sun Outage Calculator (Dates & Periods)-
# Sir George Biddell Airy (British Astronomer Royal) .. Unintentionally Uncovered the Myth !!
Airy's "Simple but Definitive" Experiment Proved that Earth is Stationary & doesn't "Travel in Space" like Some want us to believe.
# Why just "Take it on Faith", when you can Actually see it ?
You Can watch the "Astro-Sphere Rotation" for yourself using this famous "Heliocentric" free software !!
Screen Capture of Polaris "the Northern Star" while the Astro-Sphere rotates, inlaid with all the Stars