Friday, June 24, 2011

True Story from America

Jodi sent me her experience regarding Islam & Geocentricity in America :

May Allah bless you.

I was raised Catholic but became kind of Agnostic. I believed in Jesus, just that he was not God Almighty. I knew nothing about Islam because in America we are brainwashed to never look into Islam as it is deemed a religion of terrorists.

I studied science for most of my life. Two years ago Allah guided me to the truth about the Geocentric universe. I did not realize the Qur'an contained this information (as well as the truth about Jesus). The moment I found out I fell to my knees in prostration as I knew it was the absolute truth and divine guidance from God.

Most Muslims believe in Satan's creation (the lie of the heliocentric universe). Sadly, this is how most will be in error. :(

The full conversation

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